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> Yassin (and his bloody lieutenants) endlessly      > exhorted this band of green-ski-masked hoods to    > exterminate Jews everywhere all the time, to wipe   > out Israel and supplant it with their sick idea of > heaven on Earth the Islamic State. What? No seventy > -two virgins?

Ah-h-h-h-h-h.......n-n-n-n-nope!!! Michael, there's a Qu'ran "scholar" in Germany, currently translating the Islamic Holy Book from its original Armaic text into Greek. This man claims that the prior translations screwed up the line about the "72 virgins." He claims that the *REAL* meaning is "grapes of unusual clarity." No joke. Instead of going to Heaven for a celestial good time, those who self-explode will be getting a "fruit basket." (as heard on the Quinn Show this morning). You *NEED* Jim Quinn and "Radio Rose" Tenent out there in Harrisburg.


>It s no secret that Hamas wants fervently to expand > its brand of terror to other lands including the   > United Sates.

Bring it on......they have no clue as to what kind of backlash awaits them.

> Frankly, these thugs are but a very short step away > from the Nazi horror show cobbled together by Adolf > Hitler and his Brown Shirts of the Third Reich.

And yet, the Cheese-eating surrender monkeys (thanks and a tip of the cap to "The Simpsons" for such an outrageously funny moniker) of the world are going full-steam-ahead with apeasement. For *SHAME*!

John Q.

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