WND: ACLU Aiding Criminals

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Posted on Tue, Mar. 23, 2004

ACLU aiding criminals

Support of NAMBLA should end immediately

In October 1997, Jeffrey Curley, a 10-year-old Cambridge, Mass., boy, was
playing outside his home when he was lured into a car by Charles Jaynes
and Salvatore Sicari.
The two men, seeking a child to rape, attacked Jeffrey, who fought back.
Then they choked him to death with a gasoline-soaked rag, molested his
dead body in Jayne's apartment in Manchester, N.H., stuffed the body into
a cement-filled Rubbermaid container and threw the poor child's remains,
like a sack of garbage, into the Great Works River in Maine.
During their trials, at which the men were convicted of murder and
sentenced to life without parole, it was revealed that Jaynes and Sicari
were members of the abominable North American Man-Boy Love Association.
This repugnant group advocates and even instructs its members on the
sexual rape of little boys by grown men.
It was also revealed during the trials that Jaynes was a timid pedophile
for years, until he joined NAMBLA in 1996, according to his own diary.
Then he became emboldened by the idea that there were others who shared
his twisted, sick obsession. He fueled his perversion through the group's
Web site and e-mails filled with horrid, pornographic images of children.
He read with great interest the NAMBLA publication entitled "The Rape and
Escape Manual."
Jaynes and others of his notorious ilk take pleasure in inflicting sexual
atrocities on the smallest, weakest members of society - our children. In
our area, we have seen the horror inflicted on families by the abduction
and murder of a child, most recently the Carlie Brucia case. Civilized
society itself is ripped apart and wounded by these shocking acts against
the defenseless. Obviously, those who commit such crimes should be put
away, with no chance to ever walk among us again. But what of groups who
aid and abet such heinous criminal acts?
According to the American Civil Liberties Union, NAMBLA is simply
exercising its freedom of speech in publishing this bizarre, outlandish
material. In fact, the ACLU is defending NAMBLA against a $200 million
lawsuit filed by the parents of Jeffrey Curley.
How does the ACLU explain this action?
Here's how:
"The lawsuit involved here, were it to succeed, would strike at the heart
of freedom of speech. The case is based on a shocking murder. But the
lawsuit says the crime is the responsibility not of those who committed
the murder, but of someone who posted vile material on the Internet. The
principle is as simple as it is central to true freedom of speech: those
who do wrong are responsible for what they do; those who speak about it
are not."
Thus, the ACLU rationalizes protecting and providing legal representation
to a group that openly preaches pedophilia and arguably encouraged
kidnapping, rape and murder.
The evil men behind NAMBLA don't even have to appear in court - the ACLU
sends its representatives to handle the matter.
Using the argument that everyone deserves legal representation, the ACLU
has decided to save NAMBLA hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees
so the group can continue to produce their Web site, pamphlets, guides
and other noxious, criminal materials.
How many more children will be butchered before the ACLU wakes up and
realizes they have taken an extremely wrong-headed stance on this issue?
Little Jeffrey Curley is screaming from his grave: "Don't help the men
who did this to me."
If you'd like to let the ACLU know you disagree with their stance on this
issue, contact the organization through their national Web site,
www.aclu.com. Only by voicing your disgust, and cutting off donations to
fund this type of misplaced First Amendment defense, will you be able to
make a difference.
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