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Steven Laib stevenlaib at SBCGLOBAL.NET
Fri Mar 26 19:35:49 MST 2004

Hello Everyone,

John asked me to become a participant here, as I was many years ago.  A
few of you will remember me as a participant in Frankout 95.

Anyway, I heard Rush today talking about the Democrat Unit Dinner and
Kerry's lack of enthusiasm and the poor response from the
audience.  Well, serves them right for not getting Howard Dean.  At
least he knew how to deliver a speech.  Maybe he was a wacko, but
he was an inspirational wacko.

Chris Baker, here in Houston (yes, for you old timers, I got married
and eventually moved) did a wonderful parody of the infamous
Howard Dean speech.  I'm attaching it for your entertainment.  Enjoy.
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Steve Laib
Former VP and General Counsel
Frankout 95

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