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Steven Laib stevenlaib at SBCGLOBAL.NET
Fri Mar 26 20:26:28 MST 2004

On Friday, March 26, 2004, at 09:00  PM, Jim wrote:

> At 07:35 PM 3/26/2004, Steve wrote:
>> Hello Everyone,
>> John asked me to become a participant here, as I was many years ago.
>> A
>> few of you will remember me as a participant in Frankout 95.
> Frankout 95?  what's this?

MC and John will remember a token liberal named Frank Fleishman who was
a member of Either Rushtalk or Repub-L way back when.
Anyway, a few of us formed a committee known as Frankout 95 to harass
him about everything under the sun.

I was responsible for saying that Frank was the source of the infamous
black helicopters that appear now ant then, and also
said that the letters PC that appeared on copiers were there because he
was trying a not so subtle method of brainwashing
people who make copies.

Steve Laib

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