"Dead Wrong?"

Thomas Matiska tom.matiska at ATT.NET
Fri Apr 1 09:37:47 MST 2005

"Dead wrong" says the panel that yesterday criticized our intel community  for "overstating the WMD threat" in Irag and basing too much on "assumptions".  One short year ago the same intel community was cricized for "lack of imagination"  and under estimating the terrorist threat prior to 911 by a different panel.   Seems  the Monday morning quarterbacks want it both ways.

Given Iraq's efforts to defy UN inspections, what was so wrong the "assuming" that missing chemical weapons might still exist?   How much "imagination" does it take to think that the shell games being played at known chemical weapons sites might mean Saddam was concealing chemical weapons activity?

Maybe our crystal ball was wrong to some degree, but acting on the recommendations of a panel with mopic hinsight would be "dead wrong".

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