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Fri Apr 1 18:16:45 MST 2005

ABC News Radio has been reporting that the Pope is comatose, since
around four this afternoon. According to Sean Hannity, the Italian
media has been reporting all day long that the pontiff has already
died. The Vatican spokesperson(s) have denied any passing, but
confirm that JPII is "gravely ill."

John Q.

On Fri Apr 01 15:07:52 PST 2005, Dennis Putnam
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> At 09:03 PM 3/31/2005, you wrote:
>> Since he's suffering so, the feeding tube should be removed and
>> he
>> should be denied any food and water.
> He has a living will. The Vatican is sovereign and is not subject
> to
> Italian law (I have no idea how Italian law treats this anyway,
> do you?).
>>  He can't speak for himself
> Incorrect according to Vatican spokesmen (although that has
> changed between
> the time stamp you posted this and when I replied).
>> and
>> obviously he wouldn't want to live this way.
> He has a living will.
>>  Pull the tube and let him
>> die.
> He has a living will, is that what it says? You know this how?
>>  At least that's what two on this list would say.
> Which 2 would that be?
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