Requiescat in Pacem, Ioannes Paulus PP. II, Karol Wojtyla

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Sat Apr 2 15:55:33 MST 2005

Pope John Paul II Saturday afternoon Eastern Standard Time slipped quietly away from the world of tavail that he'd prayed for incessantly and worked for tirelessly over decades to heal it and to make it a better place.  It seems fitting somehow, in some small way, that His Holiness has gone to be with God and the saints, the angels and the soul of Theresa Marie Schindler. She seems to have left just in time to prepare for his welcome in the halls of the highest, perhaps to usher him to his mansions there. Having paryed for us for so long, now we may pray for him.

Funny, I'm not given to weeping and public displays of sorrow, yet in the last week I could not stop a number of honestly shed tears from falling. The world lies twice diminished. Now, willing or not, we walk into a new dawn without them. What will this new time hold for us all?

Requiescat in pacem, Ioannes Paulus PP. II, Karol Wojtyla.


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