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Earlier I wrote that the broken hearts and tears of those who truly loved Terri Schindler were public, evident and unashamed.  I further wrote an advisory to watch for the smug legalistic defenses of their abhorrent act and of the behind-closed-doors crocodile tears of those who did not.  George Felos is an apt representative of his beloved Hemlock Society, one who prays at the altar of death and extols its virtues.  The other is a hulking brute and control freak to whom the marriage contract was the same as a bill of sale.  He owned Terri, and by G0d, he still owns her remains. That is why he will burn them to ashes and pack them away to his private burial ground in Pennsylvania. There Terri's bereaved mother and father and siblings may continue to be CONTROLED if they hope ever to see the site of her internment.  Both of these slow-murder specimens truly are pieces of work. They both disgust me, and I'm not sure which of them sickens me the most.


Jim <jnantz2 at 216-19-216-108.GETNET.NET> wrote:
I just read the following at It's a quote from Herr Felos
speaking about his partner in crime.

Michael Schiavo has not spoken publicly since his wife's death, but
Felos said Saturday: "He's holding up. It's very difficult for him."

Let's look between the lines shall we? He's probably holding up a big
glass of champaigne. It's difficult for him because he has to remember
not to appear too happy in public. Herr Felos probably told him about
the scene at Ron Brown's funeral where Clinton was laughing with a
friend until he saw a camera. Like someone flipping a switch, he
suddenly stopped laughing, looked down and wiped a tear from his face.

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