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>"Taxed to Extremes"
>Which ones did I miss???

Those that live in PA are familiar with the annual Occupational Privilege
tax (you pay that for the privilege of being permitted to have a job, $10
when I paid it) and there was (is it still in effect?) the annual per
capita tax (at the time it was only on adults >17, $15 when I paid it). I
think Pittsburgh has an annual commuter tax which is the penalty for living
outside the city limits and working inside (I didn't pay that one so I
don't recall how much it was. Also, I assume the 1932 Johnstown flood
relief tax is still in effect on liquor. I think there was also a personal
property tax in PA (jewelry, paintings and other collectibles/tangible
assets) but I don't think many really paid it as it was too difficult to
enforce. PA residents (especially eastern) just love those nuisance taxes,
they keep voting for the idiots that pass them.

Here in GA we have an ad velorum tax on vehicles in addition to the
registration tax (the good news is that the registration tax is only $2 and
the ad velorum tax is deductible on 1040 Schedule A).

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