From Walter Cronkite Lashes Out at Falwell, Robertson

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Conkite attacking Christianity...add one to the growing list....heaven
forbid Christians should want politicians to consider Christian concepts.
Walter Cronkite Lashes Out at Falwell, Robertson
Walter Cronkite long projected the image of the respected, objective
newsman who didn't allow his personal views to enter the public square.
No more, says the retired CBS anchorman in a direct mail letter he has
sent out across the nation.
The Cronkite letter comes from "The Interfaith Alliance" -- a liberal New
York-based coalition of religious groups that oddly includes "agnostics
and atheists."
The group's letter bears Cronkite's photo on its envelope, identifying
him as the "Honorary Chairman" -- with this blunt quote: "For years I
kept my opinions to myself. But now I must speak out."
In his letter, Cronkite lashes out at America's leading conservative
religious leaders, notably Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell.
Cronkite said he decided to write his letter "because I am deeply
disturbed by the dangerous and growing influence of Pat Robertson and
Jerry Falwell on our nation's political leaders."
"... I have watched with increasing alarm as the Christian Coalition and
other Religious Right groups manipulate religion to further their
intolerant, political agendas," Cronkite continues.
Cronkite claims his ire against Falwell and Robertson rose when "both
shamefully blamed America's courts and the highest levels of our
government for the horrific September 11 attacks on our nation. They said
it happened because we 'insulted God.' Falwell went on to blame
feminists, pro choice Americans and other groups he despises."
The newsman said he is worried that Falwell and Robertson have "gained
considerable influence on local school boards, in the administration and
in Congress."
The former "most trusted man in America" says The Interfaith Alliance,
however, "offers a mainstream alternative for people of faith and good
will to stand in opposition to the extremism of the Religious Right."
In other words, it will remain staunchly intolerant of Americans with
traditional religious views.
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