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Jim jnantz2 at 216-19-216-108.GETNET.NET
Tue Apr 5 01:26:38 MDT 2005

Thomas Matiska wrote:
> Commuter Tax is a growing problem.  Some local communities have just
> come up with a $52 dollar Services Tax  aimed at people who live in the
> cheaper burbs but work in the city.   Services taxes are a quasi
> commuter/occupational tax based on the idea that visitors to the city
> should pay for the 911 and other services they use.   Problem I have
> with it is people who are victims of this tax can't vote against it,
> because we vote where we live, and giving officials where we don't live
> the power to tax us is a taxation  without representation issue.

Pardon my ignorance, but I was the victim of the public school system.
Wasn't there a revolution fought somewhere over this taxation without
representation issue?

>  It is one more sign that our failed cities are doomed.  People "vote
> with their feet" and move out of our overtaxed failed cities. and the
> cities try to solve the problem of  a shrinking tax base by raising
> taxes even more.   But it is a short term problem.  Soon the last of the
> employers will be gone too and the city won't have to worry about how to
> tax workers.

I've heard this explained this way.  Mr. Liberal has a barrel full of
water and a shovel and a few other tools.  He wants to get some water so
he makes a hole in the bottom of the barrel.  He then decides he's not
getting enough water from the barrel so he makes the hole bigger so more
water comes out.  Soon he progresses to making multiple holes in the
barrel and making them bigger.  Soon the barrel is empty and Mr. Liberal
has no more water.

Mr. Conservative also has a barrel a shovel and some tools.  When Mr.
Conservative has a need for more water, he picks up his shovel and digs
a well.

When Mr. Liberal sees this he just watches.  He does not offer to help.
  Later Mr. Conservative is drinking some of the clean, cool water he
got from his well and bathing in some more of it.  Mr. Liberal sees this
and complains that it's not fair that Mr. Conservative  has so much
water and he has none.  In fact Mr. Liberal spends so much time whining
that he could have dug his own well in less than half that much time.

In 08 vote for a crook you can trust.
Del Boy for President.

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