Insulting The Pope

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Wed Apr 6 22:53:41 MDT 2005

 From what I've read in the Bible, I have to conclude that Jesus
welcomed sinners that were conscious of the fact they've sinned, felt
regret they did something wrong, and were working to stop whatever it is
they were doing wrong.  I could be wrong, but I don't believe he was all
that interested in the ones who have the attitude there's nothing wrong
with what they do.

Also I don't believe Jesus had any trouble defining such words and sex
and is.

Stephen A. Frye wrote:
>> *    G.W. Bush is a "forgiving" man but for this writer,
>> Clinton's invite is a horrific insult to this Pope.*
> The Pope would not be insulted.  Jesus welcomed sinners.  The Holy
> Father led a life of love and forgiveness.  He, too, welcomed sinners.
> Besides, if sinners were to not go see the Pope, Rome would today be
> empty of all, for we are all sinners.
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