Fw: What qualifies as "Research" these days? "

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Thu Apr 7 20:22:57 MDT 2005

 When I took my wife to her doctor for an antibiotic the other day,
they were playing some "health news" on a TV in the waiting room which I believe was a tape.  The particular content of the piece I saw at any rate was a family where each member had very different eating habits and how they coped.

Of course one daughter, the one they focused on, was "vegan" and ate
lots of tofu etc.  The other one - whom they made appear "blond" :-)
admitted she would "eat meat - I just like it.  I like how it tastes!" <Don't waste anymore film on HER Joe!>  They proceeded back to the "vegan" who said it was originally just meat but she had "done
some research" and "learned" that "animals are killed for their eggs
and milk as well"!

Does anyone else find this STRANGE ? ??  ? Will this revelation change
the meaning of the old phrase "killed the goose that laid the gold
eggs" ?  Is research these days just 'reading & believing' the PETA

How do I get MORE milk and eggs out of an animal by Killing it? ?
  I know TV interviews for PETA can get more mileage from humans who

<<rant off>>

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