Neverending coverage of the pope

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I'm with Sue 100 percent.  Pope John Paul II more than merits the accolades and the coverage. For those put off by the coverage, there always is Robot Wars, the Disney Channel, a walk in the park, a book, a video or CD, a fight with a neighbor or wife or husband or boyfriend or girlfriend or concubine -- almost endless distractions. Meantime, give the great man his due, defer to those who still love and admire him, understand why the spiritual leader of more than a billion commands media attention. Relax.  Have a cold one.  All this shall pass all too swiftly (It's not REALLY neverending), and then it once again will be fair game to bitch about Catholics and their Church as a national pastime.

You want neverending? Recall the life and times and death of Princess Never-Die.


Sue Rojas <suerojas at MINDSPRING.COM> wrote:
Some of us care about him. It's like losing our grandfather. I'll admit, I
didn't watch all of the coverage, but I watched the wrap up of the funeral
and I cried.

You all have a dial selector on your TV, right?

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I wasn't complaining, just commenting. Also I didn't know the pope was
ever a US president.

Jose wrote:
> I don't recall you complaining about the coverage after President Reagan
> died.
> On Thu Apr 07 18:43:48 PDT 2005, Jim
> wrote:
>>It's Thursday April 7 and the pope is still dead.
>>In 08 vote for a crook you can trust.
>>Del Boy for President.

In 08 vote for a crook you can trust.
Del Boy for President.

France has usually been governed by prostitutes. (Mark Twain)

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