New Uniforms

John B Hammes Sr economic56 at EARTHLINK.NET
Thu Apr 14 09:10:53 MDT 2005

Rushtalk Subscribers:

The posted pornography under the subject heading, "New Uniforms" was indeed
inappropriate for posting on RUSHTALK.  As a matter of fact, anyone who
posts pornography, soft or hard core, on RUSHTALK will be permanently
deleted from the RUSHTALK list, no questions asked, from this point onward.
The moderator reserves the right to determine what constitutes pornography
for the purpose of posting.  The guidlines will generally be anything that
graphically represents human breasts, sexual organs, or sexual acts.

John B Hammes

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Subject: Re: New Uniforms

> Sue, it didn't bother me, but of course I'm a MALE :-)
> Richard

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