Man violated house arrest to watch Illini, officials say

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>From the Chicago Tribune--

Man violated house arrest to watch Illini, officials say

Published April 13, 2005

ROSEMONT -- Watching the University of Illinois basketball team play
an NCAA tournament game at a Rosemont restaurant was the wrong move
for a Glen Ellyn murder defendant.

Troy Kindt, 34, was charged last year with the June 12, 2004, beating
death of Nickolaus Artman of Addison outside an Addison restaurant.

After posting the required 10 percent cash of a $1 million bond, or
$100,000, Kindt was released from jail and placed under house arrest.
He was allowed to leave his home only for business.

DuPage County State's Atty. Joseph Birkett told Judge Robert Anderson
on Tuesday that Kindt went to the restaurant on March 24 for a
business meeting, but "after the business meeting was over and the
other participants left, he stayed and watched the game."

Anderson said the incident "was an incredibly stupid move" and doubled
Kindt's bond. Records showed he was released from the county jail
Tuesday after posting the additional $100,000.

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