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Carl cwsiv_2nd at HOTPOP.COM
Sat Apr 16 15:01:27 MDT 2005

[cleanup] Announcing CleanUp! 4.0 - now available
Hi all,

I have just uploaded the final release of CleanUp! 4.0 to the CleanUp!
web site. For a complete list of What's New with version 4.0, see:


To download the latest version, click on the Downloads link (on the
left-hand sidebar) and download version 4.0. Note that the download file
in the install file. So, you must run it to install CleanUp! Once you've
run this installation file, you can delete it and just run CleanUp! from
the Start, Programs menu.

Steven Gould
Author of Windows CleanUp!

Now including Firefox.

Enjoy :)

For when you must use windows.

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