Graphics, ect. on RUSHTALK

Jim jnantz2 at 216-19-216-108.GETNET.NET
Mon Apr 18 02:48:34 MDT 2005

John I have to agree with you.  My mail program is configured not to
display pictures included in email messages.  I tried to save the
pictures, but Thunderbird wanted to give them all the same name.

We all need more humor in this world so I will thank the people who
tried to liven things up a bit.

Another list I'm on does not allow the posting of pictures or any other
attachments.  Their server strips all attachments from anything posted
to the list.  Could Hermes be configured that way?   If this were done
on Hermes, posting attachments to the list would no longer be an issue.

On a few occasions I have put stuff on my server and on this list posted
a link to it.  A few days ago I posted the following link concerning Prince Charles and who his
next mistress will probably be.  That page contains a warning and a link
to where the picture is.  If I posted that picture to this list each and
every one of you would be justified in killing me for causing you to
loose your lunch all over the keyboard.  If you don't believe me just
ask MC Spearing.  He saw the picture in question.  If MC doesn't respond
I'll have to conclude that he either died of shock or has gone blind and
therefore cannot read this.

If anyone wants to share something with pictures in it, why not put it
on the web and send us the link.  Every ISP I have ever heard of allows
its customers to use some space on the ISP's server for hosting personal
web pages.  Today creating a simple web page is easy. Netscape and
Mozilla can be downloaded for free and each includes a web page editor
that would allow you to create a simple page.

I just thought I would get my two cents worth in before the deathocRATS
completely repeal my first amendment rights.

John B Hammes Sr wrote:
> Please do NOT post actual copies of web pages, pictures, graphics, or images
> in the RUSHTALK group.  If you want to put a link to a site, a picture, etc,
> in your email, that's fine.  Just don't post it directly.  Let each member
> decide for himself if he/she wants to view any particular item.
> John Hammes

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