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Sue, I've passed TWO kidney stones, and I can tell you that the only thing more painful to me was seeing Terry Bradshaw retire from the Picksburg Stillers.  But -- Man! -- both of my kidney clinkers combined only weighed a gram or two.  Nine POUNDS!  Ay caramba muchacha!

With HUGE respect!


Sue Rojas <suerojas at MINDSPRING.COM> wrote:
I'm sorry to hear of your malady. I've had one and it was horrendous. Worse
than childbirth and my first one was over 9 lbs. Hope you're feeling better.

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First of all, I happened to miss Friday morning's show because I
missed work, due to a raging kidneystone attack.

Be that as it may, what I e-mailed to Jim Quinn was something I
got from reading the NewsMax magazine (cover date May, 2004 -
Volume 6, Number 5) that I currently hold in my formerly
nicotene-stained fingers. Everything was spelled out within this
mag. It took me a nominal amount of time to read the cover story.
Too much time, indeed!

John Q.

On Fri Apr 15 20:53:57 PDT 2005, Jim

> I'm listening to Jim Quinn's show from today. Just a minute ago
> he read
> an email from one of his listeners a John Quayle who wrote to
> provide
> some information about George Soros. The email went into some of
> Soros's history and the meaning of his name. At the end Quinn
> said:
> "John you're spending way too much time on this stuff."
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