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MCSpearing yuramac at YAHOO.COM
Thu Apr 21 19:44:42 MDT 2005

I think graphics from time to time enhance the enjoyability of the list.  The problem is not, however, the passing graphic or two.  Rather, it's the passing of too many or too big or too OFF TOPIC graphics.  We can excise the wart by cutting off the whole nose and forbid all graphics all the time, for ever and ever, or we can be smarter and establish straight-forward rules for submitting a graphic -- the size allowed, number allowed, content allowed. I would encourage that approach, but I will adhere to whatever decision that is reached.

PLEASE, let us not go nuts and fall ass over tin cups to boot people from the list.  Whether or not I agree with certain of our colleagues here in RUSHTALK, I esteem each of you (even when I could kick your glutes to point!).  When members start falling away via the boot, we could find ourselves diminished to the point of pointlessness.  That is too sad an outcome for me to contemplate.


John B Hammes Sr <economic56 at EARTHLINK.NET> wrote:
Members of RUSHTALK:

Another graphic was posted on RUSHTALK in the form of a political cartoon.

Please take note and respond at your convenience by May 1st:

Since posting graphics on RUSHTALK is no longer allowed, should we allow it
to keep happening?
Let me know what you think I should do about it....I'm taking a count here
and will proceed accordingly. .

Please respond at least by May 1st, '05

By the way, a GRAPHIC is any .jpg file, .mpg file, .bmp file, .tar file,
.avi file, etc, which is intended to be used as a picture-generating file on
a computer.

John Hammes

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