Question: Posting Graphics on RUSHTALK

Rob H. robh at BRESNAN.NET
Thu Apr 21 21:58:55 MDT 2005

I am with Jim on this one.  If you can get the software for the
discussion group to only accept plain text message without any
attachments, that would take out any guess work of a possible virus
and/or inappropriate material being passed on.  If someone wants to
share a binary file, it would have to be at a web site for the group to
enjoy.  That would also curb the issue of ISP overload for those
unfortunate to still have or have to use dialup.  So, I am with MC on
this as well.

robh at

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Subject: Question: Posting Graphics on RUSHTALK

Members of RUSHTALK:

Another graphic was posted on RUSHTALK in the form of a political

Please take note and respond at your convenience by May 1st:

Since posting graphics on RUSHTALK is no longer allowed, should we allow
it to keep happening? Let me know what you think I should do about
it....I'm taking a count here and will proceed accordingly. .

Please respond at least by May 1st, '05

By the way, a GRAPHIC is any .jpg file, .mpg file, .bmp file, .tar file,
.avi file, etc, which is intended to be used as a picture-generating
file on a computer.

John Hammes

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