Question: Posting Graphics on RUSHTALK

Rob H. robh at BRESNAN.NET
Fri Apr 22 17:18:41 MDT 2005

John, I would be more than willing to do that for you.  Got a pretty
good chuckle out of the two that you sent.  Don't take Jim's punishment
too could be our most recent past President, or her husband
for that matter!  HEHEHE!  Just let me know if you need that done for
you.  Send any requests directly to my email address so I will be sure
to look at it as I don't always read what everyone sends.  Too busy to
do so.  :-)

robh at

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On Fri Apr 22 04:18:23 PDT 2005, Jim <jnantz2 at 216-19-216-108.GETNET.NET>

> John I hope you will be forgiven this time. If you do it again, >
> I will support any and all efforts to force you to spend six   >
> months watching a monitor connected to a hidden camera in Janet >
> Reno's bedroom.

I am properly chastened. *ANYTHING* but Reno-Watch. I'd puke myself to
death. BTW, I have no website on which to post these clever cartoons.
Jim, could you post them for say.....a 48 hour window so the list can
view them, perhaps?

John Q.

> John wrote:
>> Okay, that was *ME* and I apologize. I don't recall seeing a ban on
>> graphics files, but did recall seeing the warning on appropriate
>> versus inappropriate material. These two cartoons I sent to the list
>> were tasteful in that there was nothing shocking contained therein.
>> No matter. Rules are rules and I never ask for or expect
>> preferential/special treatment/consideration. If I am to be banished,

>> I'll live by whatever John Hammes decides.

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