Earth Day

Thomas Matiska tom.matiska at ATT.NET
Sat Apr 23 06:46:27 MDT 2005

Some folks around here are out at their lake front home, just sitting back on their redwood deck, getting the power boat ready for summer, firing up the grill,  and trying to rally other "environmentalists"  against planned expansion of a windmill farm that will spoil the lake front scenery.   What better way to celebrate earth day than fight against the eye polution caused by evil windmills.


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> I just heard this is Earth Day. It's a bit late to do much planning for
> this years celebration, but there's always next year. With that
> settled, the question is how to celebrate. Here are a few ideas.
> Pile up some old tires and set them on fire.
> Roast a few spotted owls with some garlic.
> Go hunting. ..................
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