A Sign of Certain Brain Damage!

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Wed Apr 27 06:41:47 MDT 2005

If that meeting can be arranged, I demand video and broadcast


On Tue Apr 26 18:22:10 PDT 2005, Jim
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> I noticed this coward didn't give his name.  I can only imagine
> what might
> happen if her husband were to meet up with this guy without any
> pesky
> witnesses around.
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> On Tue, 26 Apr 2005, John wrote:
>> Please feel free to use this link to go to the web sight that
>> displays this trash, and make your own objection to this
>> article. (and to liberalism as a whole) This idiot is begging to
>> have his bells rung like a Chinese gong!
>> http://santacruz.indymedia.org/newswire/display/17518/index.php
>> Creative Ways to Oppose the War
>> Author
>> Anonymous Poster
>> Date Created
>> 24 Apr 2005
>> Date Edited
>> 24 Apr 2005 08:08:39 PM
>> License
>> This work is in the public domain
>> There's more than one way to hurt a soldier.
>> We're often told "Even if you don't support the war, support the
>> troops!" I say that's a diversion. The troops are the
>> war. There is no war without soldiers.
>> A soldier needs armor, and weapons, and ammunition, and
>> communication.
>> But he also needs his own morale.
>> So how can we demoralize them? They don't care what we think or
>> say, not really.
>> As I left my girlfriend's place this afternoon, I considered this
>> question and realized I had already stumbled upon an answer.
>> Many soldiers are married. A happy marriage is key to a married
>> soldier's morale. Attack the marriage, and you attack the
>> soldier without breaking any laws. What's bad for the marriage,
>> is bad for the soldier.
>> I thought of this, because my girlfriend is married to a marine
>> who is stationed in Iraq. She lives with him in Aptos.
>> Maybe "stationed" is too gentle a word. He's over there screwing
>> up the country by screwing over Iraqi civilians and
>> fighting Iraqi patriots defending their own soil from foreign
>> occupation.
>> Her husband has been murdering Iraqis in their own country for
>> 14 months. I've been seeing his wife for 5 months.
>> He forgot a fundamental of military strategy. Always guard your
>> flank. There are a whole lot of very lonely military
>> wives in America right now.
>> So screw you, jar head. Here's my support: I'm keeping your bed
>> warm for you. Don't hurry back!
>> Viva la Resistance!
>> Secret Agent 0069

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