CAFTA Isn't "Free Trade"!!!

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July 28 Statement: Stop CAFTA Coalition Denounces CAFTA Approval

Groups in Solidarity with Central American Opposition Pledge to 
Continue the Fight Against the Implementation of Unjust Trade 
CAFTA Passe House of Representatives by the Slimmest of Margins
Grassroots CAFTA Opponents Mobilize for Final Vote

To download a congressional call-in script, go here or aqui para 

Informacion en espanol

A National Call For People Of Faith To Reflect On Trade Justice

Tell your Representative STOP CAFTA

Anti-CAFTA organizational sign-on letter
join over 300 organizations in the US and Latin America in signing 
a letter that will be delivered to Congress

For more action ideas download stopcafta's organizing guide. For a 
list of local organizations visit our contact page.

anti-CAFTA Petition from the Meso-American forum

Why We oppose CAFTA-DR (Oakland Institutue)

Urgent Action - Protesters in Guatemala face Brutal Repression 
During Protests Against CAFTA

CAFTA Ratified in El Salvador after Marathon Legislative Session

Groups Opposed to DR-CAFTA Release Letter with over 160 
Organizational Signers

Contact Your Member of Congress. Never lobbied before? No problem. 
Download stopcafta's lobby kit created by the stopcafta 

Get Educated. To find out more about CAFTA download the Washington 
Office on Latin America's (WOLA) CAFTA briefing.

The Central America Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA) was signed by 
trade representatives from El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, 
Guatemala, the U.S. and later Costa Rica at the end of January. 
The governments of Central America were forced to concede to the 
demands of the Bush administration on most key elements of the 
agreement. But, the fight against CAFTA is far from over. In order 
for CAFTA to become official it must be approved- along with all 
necessary implementing legislation by the National Assemblies 
(Congress) of each participating country.

Despite tremendous popular opposition to the agreement in Central 
America at present, it seems clear that stopping CAFTA will have 
to happen in the United States Congress. Members of Congress are 
hearing a lot these days from their constituents about the 
negative impact of "free" trade. Now more than ever it is critical 
to tell your congressperson to say No to CAFTA, Yes to Jobs, Yes 
to small farmers, and Yes to equality! (click here to find out how 
these issues are related.)

Why is CAFTA important? Defeating CAFTA will set back the already 
reeling FTAA process, perhaps for good. Throughout Central America 
and the U.S. people have been organizing. Thousands have marched 
in Guatemal City, Managua, San Salvador, Tegucigalpa and San Jose. 
Negotiations have been picketed in Cincinnati, Houston, New 
Orleans, and Washington D.C. COME JOIN US!

Some suggested actions:

Voice your opinion. Call your member of Congress.

Meet with Congress. Organize a delegation to meet with your 
representative. Lobby materials and other CAFTA information is 
available at the new and improved Quest for Peace CAFTA website. 
**Para materiales en espanol vaya a la pagina de web de United for 
Fair Economy**

Street Theater: act out the Witness for Peace CAFTA role-play
Hold a "fair trade" sale, with fair trade coffee and other 
products. Raise money for a local action and raise awareness about 
alternatives. Check with Transfair USA for a list of certified 
fair trade distributors.
Have a teach-in at a local university. Contact Tom Ricker 
(tomr at for help if you need a speaker.
Picket a local Federal Office Building
Collect ballots against CAFTA and deliver to your member of 
Congress. Witness for Peace has a CAFTA/FTAA ballot available as 
well as other CAFTA materials. Feel free to adapt it to raise 
awareness of local issues.
Fight CAFTA with Cookies. Set up a table with a cell-phone handy 
and give away cookies to anyone willing to call their member of 
Visit for a list of actions and local contacts, 
or to post an event.

INFO for making your own flyers and posters!
Top 10 Reasons To Op pose CAFTA
US/LEAP Fact Sheet
Campaign For Labor Rights Fact Sheet

>From the Stop Cafta Coalition: Quixote Center, NISGUA, CISPES, 
Share Foundation, US El Salvador Sister Cities, Witness for Peace, 
Nicaragua Network and more.

Other CAFTA resources
Citizens Trade Campaign
Campaign for Labor Rights
Global Trade Watch, Public Citizen
Western Organization of Resource Councils (WORC)

Central American Groups Working Against CAFTA
Encuentro Popular Costa Rica
Centro de Estudios Internacionales Nicaragua

Central America is Not For Sale!

For Indymedia coverage of CAFTA and other important events go 

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