Fwd: CAFTA passage sparks job fears;Dirty Tricks&Devastating Consequences

Thomas Matiska tom.matiska at ATT.NET
Mon Aug 8 12:09:34 MDT 2005

Right on but so what?

Everything wrong with CAFTA  is already law and has been for years thanks to NAFTA, GATT, WTO, permanent trade status for China, etc....    

Much of the criticism of CAFTA is a routine exercise in situational ethics.  Did the same folks who are now crying about CAFTA pull their support from Clinton after he flip flopped on his '92 promise and endorsed NAFTA?  Did they turn on him when he gave permanent trade status(and a US harbor to boot)  to China in his second term?  Did they withhold their endorsements from Gore in 2000 or Kerry in '04 because they supported Clinton's efforts to export US jobs to his foreign campaign donors?    NO NO and NO.

Can anyone cite an example of one job that will be lost under this trade agreement that wouldn't have soon been lost to China or Mexico under existing law?   The trading partners who will benefit from this agreement will do so at expense of  Clinton's former campaign donors.  

The labor groups who have been pursuing a scorched earth "Democrat or nothing" politics for the last 30 years shouldn't be surprise that the pay back from the Republicans is nothing.  It isn't like they were actually going to endorse the Repubs if  voted the other way. 
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