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Arizona Catholic Diocese Bans Politicians Who Support Abortion

by Steven Ertelt Editor
August 4, 2005

Phoenix, AZ ( -- If you're an elected official or 
political candidate in Arizona who backs abortion, don't look for 
a speaking engagement at a Catholic church in Phoenix. The diocese 
there has decided to disallow giving a platform to any political 
figure who supports abortion, which is contrary to church 
Thus far, Gov. Janet Napolitano is the only one who has been 
affected by Phoenix Bishop Thomas J. Olmsted's decision.

Last year, Napolitano was forbidden from speaking at a Catholic 
church in Scottsdale about a state ballot measure unrelated to 
abortion. Church officials moved the event elsewhere.

Olmsted, in a letter to parish priests in December, said churches 
may not invite any pro-abortion politicians to speak at churches 
within the diocese.

An invitation "would provide them with a platform which would 
suggest support for their actions," Olmsted wrote.

Napolitano, a Methodist, told the Associated Press she was not 
aware of the ban but had heard about the letter.

Omsted's decision is in line with a document approved by the U.S. 
Catholic bishops last summer that also calls on Catholic colleges 
and universities not to give a platform to elected officials who 
back abortion.

"Catholic community and Catholic institutions should not honor 
those who act in defiance of our fundamental moral principles," 
the bishops said. "They should not be given awards, honors or 
platforms which would suggest support for their actions."

The statement, which also calls on pro-abortion Catholics to 
refrain on their own from taking communion, was adopted by a vote 
of 183-6 last summer.

In July, the Vatican produced a new document for bishops across 
the world to examine that says Catholics who support legalized 
abortion should refrain from taking communion because they are out 
of step with church teachings.

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