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Sen. Hutchison: Roberts line crossed

The Dallas Morning News

WASHINGTON - (KRT) - Citing "simple decency," Texas Sen. Kay 
Bailey Hutchison demanded Friday that journalists quit poking 
around for details on Supreme Court nominee John Roberts' adopted 

"Some boundaries should be placed on inquiries into the private 
lives of public figures," said Hutchison, who faced some 
uncomfortable questions after she adopted her son and daughter 
four years ago, when she was 58 and husband Ray Hutchison was 68.

With a month to go before Roberts' confirmation hearings, news 
media and interest groups continue to scour his record.

Some have also focused on other aspects of his life. On Thursday, 
the online Drudge Report revealed that a New York Times reporter 
had made inquiries about the Roberts children, Josephine and Jack, 
ages 5 and 4.

According to recent news reports, the judge and his wife, Jane, 
wed in 1996 when both were 41 and adopted the children in 2000.

On Friday, The Times said no one had ordered an investigation of 
the adoptions, calling the inquiry part of a routine effort to 
"report extensively on the life and career" of a nominee for high 

"Our reporters made initial inquiries about the adoptions, as they 
did about many other aspects of his background. They did so with 
great care, understanding the sensitivity of the issue," said 
Times spokesman Toby Usnik. "We have not pursued the issue after 
the initial inquiries, which detected nothing irregular about the 

The newspaper denied assertions by conservative bloggers that it 
consulted lawyers about trying to unseal the adoption records. 
Usnik said the paper dropped the matter after learning that the 
records were sealed.

Hutchison called the newspaper's actions "reprehensible," saying 
the inquiry crossed the "fine line between legitimate background 
inquiries and invasion of privacy."

The National Council for Adoption also denounced the inquiry, 
saying the adoptions have no bearing on the judge's suitability to 


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