Under Strain To "Toe" The Line?

John blueoval at 1SMARTISP.NET
Mon Aug 8 19:23:10 MDT 2005

By: Ted Lang

	"You can’t say that!" boomed Rush Limbaugh shouting at a caller 
on his radio program a few years ago. The caller had been on the 
line several hours to express publicly his outrage over the sexual 
perversions that were going to be standardized and taught all over 
the nation via the dictates and fiats handed down to the United 
States Department of Education from the National Education 
Association. The NEA has postured itself similarly as has the 
ACLU, environmentalists, and other anti-American freak shows such 
as NOW, PETA and ELF.

	"You can’t call these people socialists! That’s just what they’d 
like, to have us overreact and have us appear as unduly emotional 
and hysterical." I’m estimating Limbaugh’s exact words, but 
correctly comparing his emotional over-reaction to his misdirected 
under-reaction to a truthful, factual observation by the caller. 
And Limbaugh exacerbates the anti-Americanism legitimized by the 
NEA and its ilk by denouncing any and all "conspiracy theories." 
His belief is that if we cannot prove a conspiracy, then there’s 
no threat. That may not be the message he intends, but that’s the 
one he implies. And if these Quisling organizations aren’t 
socialists, then why not be more specific in terms of describing 
their real philosophy? It’s communism!

	The New York Times-led left-liberal, mainstream establishment 
media, the NEA, NOW, ACLU, PETA, environmental mongrel groups and 
wolf packs, may not all be synchronized and function 
administratively as a unified force or conspiracy, but their 
outcome has the monolithic effect of standing the United States 
Constitution and its Bill of Rights on its head and achieving all 
the points so totally opposite the objectives the Founding Fathers 
secured for us guaranteeing individual liberty for each American. 
Nothing is more totally opposite America than the communist agenda 
advocated by this "non-conspiracy."

	As Karl Marx, author of the Manifesto of the Communist Party made 
clear, religion, individual freedom, child-parent relationships 
and family unity and loyalty, must all be destroyed in order to 
rebuild a society to create the socialist utopia that is 
communism. And every dictator and murdering butcher has used the 
consolidation of government power via socialism and communism to 
replace people-representing government with the control by the 
rich and powerful to enslave nations.

	So religion is "out," and government power and authority "in." 
Heterosexual unions and marriage are "out," and homosexual unions 
are "in." Freedom of speech is "out," and Campaign Finance Reform 
and the Patriot Act are "in." Parents must be the same sex, and 
schools must condition children to hate God and religion, and 
learn to accept all government and school authority without 
question. They are taught to refrain from questioning authority or 
learning to think independently. They must be taught the 
appropriate emotionalism and "feelings." That seems to cover it -- 
now how to enforce it!

	Enter now from extreme stage left, the "American" Civil Liberties 
Union, or ACLU. Why "American" in quotes? What can be more 
anti-everything that is truly American than communism, the correct 
and thoroughly appropriate term describing their agenda?

	At virtually the very top of their first website screen, under 
the primary heading "Urgent Call to Action," a group calling 
themselves the Center for Reclaiming America introduces visitors 
to the ACLU. Under the sub-heading entitled "A Covert Mission:" 
the CRA begins, "A look at the ACLU website is both misleading and 
disturbing - ‘To Keep America Safe and Free.’ But take a closer 
and [it] becomes frighteningly clear that the ACLU is to be 
feared. Instead of keeping America safe, they are aggressively 
working to strip all vestiges of our religious foundation, law and 
liberty from our nation."

	This nation was originated by pilgrims seeking to establish 
religious freedom, and however zealously launched, was preciously 
preserved for all denominations under Judeo-Christian auspices. 
Those offended by our heritage are free to leave, but not free to 
use legal trickery maneuvering our rule of law to deprive us of 
our own founding religious heritage that created this free, great 
nation. The Center for Reclaiming America main page continues, "By 
twisting the First Amendment into something it was never meant to 
be, and seeking out vulnerable targets - in small towns, cities 
and states across America, [they are achieving their goal]."

	The CRA points out, that Roger Baldwin founded the ACLU in 1920. 
"Several crucial leaders of the ACLU were members of the Communist 
Party [with headquarters in Moscow, Soviet Russia]. Earl Browder, 
then-General Secretary of the Communist Party [America], said the 
ACLU functioned as ‘a transmission belt’ for the party." There’s 
the connection: the ACLU’s foundation as a transmission belt for 
communism, founded by communists, and therefore committed from the 
get-go to Karl Marx’s horrific agenda disguised as utopia, which 
in reality is slavery made possible by the standard concentration 
of central government planning and power easily taken over by 
tyrants and dictators. Reminds one of the origins on the United 
Nations and the OSS beginnings of the CIA, no?

	CRA, an outreach of Dr. D. James Kennedy’s Coral Ridge 
Ministries, does an excellent job summarizing both the history of 
the communist ACLU and its "accomplishments." Remembering Karl 
Marx’s basic requirements for a successful communist society, the 
destruction of all religion and the family, as well as the 
government take-over of the schools in order to indoctrinate 
children into socialist slavery, atheism, same sex "families" and 
homosexuality, destroying these bulwarks of our society is 
paramount to the ACLU’s program.

	Here is a summarized list of the ACLU’s agenda:
Legalized child pornography
Tax exemptions for Satanists
Abortion on demand
Mandatory sex education
Ideological tests for court appointees
Public demonstrations by Nazis and Communists
Legalized polygamy

	CRA points out the "free exercises" ACLU opposes and would outlaw 
if they could: The public singing of "Silent Night" and other 
Christmas carols Displays of nativity scenes, crosses, and other 
Christian symbols on public property The posting of the Ten 
Commandments in classrooms or courtrooms. The words "under God" in 
the Pledge of Allegiance and "In God We Trust" on U.S. coins 
Tax-exempt status for churches [though the ACLU favors this status 
for certain occult groups - and themselves]

	I’m sure you get the picture. The ACLU’s agenda is simply much 
more than merely un-American - it’s anti-American! One of my very 
first columns for the Internet over two years ago compared and 
lamented our "progress" from the Ten Commandments, to the Ten 
Amendments, and finally to the Ten Points of Communism offered by 
Marx. Marx is dead, but the ACLU continues to help US "progress."


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