We need to invade Aruba!

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At 09:02 PM 8/9/2005, you wrote:
>Hell, they're obviously incompetent in their jurisprudence system.  Let's
>try all of the suspects without a body.  Hang them as soon as possible.
>Could it be that Natalee Holloway got a sex change and is now Nate
>Holloway?  Could it be that she's living the high life in Las Vegas under
>a false identity?  Could we get the Caribbean or Gulf waters drained to
>see if we could find Natalee's body?  Could someone tell Natalee's step
>mom to keep her arse in Alabama and let the Aruban's do their job,
>regardless of whether she thinks they're doing a good job or not.  Could
>someone also tell the press to stop making this into a day by day soap

Holloway-Twitty needs to keep this on the front pages to maintain pressure 
on the Aruban authorities. Once this goes out of sight the case will never 
be solved (although it looks like it never will anyway at this point).

>I for one am sick and tired of Natalee Holloway being in the news every
>single hour of every day.  I'm tired of every judicial pundit and news
>commentator ragging the Aruban police and government for their apparent
>lack of American justice.  I would love for the Aruban government to tell
>the US where they can shove their egotistical attitude.

Actually the Dutch could use a lot crime solving advice. They have blown 
this case worse then the Bolder police blew the Ramsey case. It is obvious 
to anyone that they are completely inept or intentionally covering 
something up to protect the van der Sloots. Nothing arrogant about drawing 
attention to the suspicious disappearance of an American citizen while 
these bozos screw everything up.

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