We need to invade Aruba!

Dudley D. Doright f16rsdad at JUNO.COM
Tue Aug 9 23:06:10 MDT 2005

I'm with you Richard.  I've stopped watching cable news for about two
weeks, because of this damn story.

On Tue, 9 Aug 2005 20:02:38 -0500 Richard A Whitenight
<rum.runner at JUNO.COM> writes:
> Hell, they're obviously incompetent in their jurisprudence system.  
> Let's
> try all of the suspects without a body.  Hang them as soon as 
> possible. 
> Could it be that Natalee Holloway got a sex change and is now Nate
> Holloway?  Could it be that she's living the high life in Las Vegas 
> under
> a false identity?  Could we get the Caribbean or Gulf waters drained 
> to
> see if we could find Natalee's body?  Could someone tell Natalee's 
> step
> mom to keep her arse in Alabama and let the Aruban's do their job,
> regardless of whether she thinks they're doing a good job or not.  
> Could
> someone also tell the press to stop making this into a day by day 
> soap
> opera.  
> I for one am sick and tired of Natalee Holloway being in the news 
> every
> single hour of every day.  I'm tired of every judicial pundit and 
> news
> commentator ragging the Aruban police and government for their 
> apparent
> lack of American justice.  I would love for the Aruban government to 
> tell
> the US where they can shove their egotistical attitude.

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