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Free Congress Foundation

717 Second Street, NE

Washington, D.C. 20002

August 10, 2005

Press Release

Robert Spencer, author of “The Politically Incorrect Guide to 
Islam (and the Crusades),” Regnery Publishing, 2005, calls for 
non-Muslim individuals and nations to unite against Islam and 

“This is something that people in the western world just can’t get 
their minds around. And can’t accept. They cannot believe that 
there could possibly be a religion that doesn’t teach, ‘the 
Fatherhood of God, and the Brotherhood of Man.’ But the fact is 
that it’s not just a matter of cherry picking a few verses here 
and there. It is a strain that runs all the way through Quran, the 
holy book of Islam; the Hadith, the traditions of the Prophet 
Mohammed that are second only to the Quran in authority for 
Muslims; and Islamic law and jurisprudence, as well as Islamic 
history,” said Spencer.

“As a matter of fact, in the book, I call for a crusade. Not a 
crusade in the old fashioned way, of the church calling it, and it 
being undertaken by knights. But a crusade in the sense that we 
are not going to apologize anymore for our own heritage and 
history. We are going to take pride in our heritage and history 
that has given the world the greatest civilization that the world 
has ever known. We need to unite: believers, unbelievers, 
Christians, Jews, atheist, Buddhists, Hindus. Unite together. 
Without denying our differences or glossing over them, but, 
nonetheless, understanding that this is something that threatens 
us all. And that we need to defend ourselves against it.  And, 
unashamedly, call that a crusade, because we are not ashamed of 
our Fathers, and who we have been,” he concluded.

Spencer was interviewed on the RIGHT HOUR, an Internet based radio 
program, hosted by the Chairman and CEO of the Free Congress 
Foundation Paul M. Weyrich. In addition to being the director of 
Jihad Watch, a Website and e-mail service that monitors the 
activities of Islamists, Spencer is an Adjunct Fellow with the 
Free Congress Foundation. The program was carried live on the 
Rightalk.com network and is available to listeners worldwide, who 
have up-to-date computers.

Further, he pointed out that Islam is not a religion of peace in 
spite of what is said in its regard. “This is a phenomenon that 
the mainstream media has been unable to or unwilling to note. But 
the fact is that, story after story, again and again, when we see 
stories of the London suicide bombers, when we see stories of the 
9/11 hijackers, and of Islamic terrorists the world over, there is 
one recurring element in all of the stories. And one only. And 
that is that, in every case, they are Muslims, who, at a certain 
point in their lives, became more religious. And began to get 
serious about their Faith. And when they began to get serious 
about their Faith, they turned to terrorism.”

Spencer further noted, “The Quran says in chapter 9, verse 29 that 
Muslims must make war against even, ‘the people of the book,’ 
which is the Quranic term for Jews and Christians. And all the 
schools of Islamic law all say the same thing, that it is part of 
the responsibility of Muslims to wage war against Jews and 
Christians and other groups until they either become Muslims or 
pay the non-Muslim pole tax that is specified in Islamic law. This 
is, as I said before, mainstream Islam. And it has never been 
renounced or rejected by any Islamic sect. They have always been 
set against Christianity and have always acted violently against 
Christianity, except when it was not within their physical power 
to do so.

the Jihad terrorists around the world have many times explained 
that they do not consider civilians in America, in Britain, in 
Israel or elsewhere as being innocent. And, as a matter of fact, 
one London Islamic authority recently said, there is no category 
of ‘civilian’ in Islamic law, which is true. And so, for them to 
condemn attacks on innocent civilians is just, ‘window dressing 
for westerners.’ It really does nothing whatsoever to deter 
Islamic terrorists from continuing to do violence in the name of 
Islam,” he explained.

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