Crazy Lady Website fitting?

Thomas Matiska tom.matiska at ATT.NET
Tue Aug 16 09:06:46 MDT 2005

No luck getting to the site.  Have you seen its contents?



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Did anyone notice yet that this whiner lady anti-Bush Wacko has her name  registered as a web site?  Better than that, it is simply pointed to some LEFT-WING RADIO station with too much time on it's hands! 
I was looking for a site in her name to register but I didn't have any clever ideas what to do with it yet...maybe based on what Rush says about people hearing what these people REALLY believe this is the best attack there is.  They have a petition to make Howard Dean head of the DNC.  Hey - having too much time on your hand doesn't mean you keep things up to date !  !

Charlie Darling

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