It Happened In The Keystone State..........

John blueoval at 1SMARTISP.NET
Tue Aug 16 21:39:53 MDT 2005


Jose, McSpearing, Thomas M, (and all the rest of the Keystoners on 
thid list) can back me up on this......but, to the rest of you, 
here's *GALLING* chutspa.....

Nearly all of the PA-State Congressmen and state senators recently 
voted for themselves a nice, fat, juicy 16-3/4% pay raise. This 
set off a chain-reaction of newspaper "letters-to-the-Editor" by 
wordsmiths of a royally yanked around electorate.

"You ain't seen nothin', yet!" (thanks to Randy Bachman then, of 
BTO fame). I heard on the truck radio that these money-grabbing 
scoundrels will receive *ANOTHER* 4% cost-of-living-adjustment!

Time to clean house, folks!


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