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Friday, Aug. 5, 2005 8:49 p.m. EDT
DeLay: Round Up Illegal Immigrants

House Majority Leader Tom DeLay urged Texas police Thursday night 
to begin rounding up illegal immigrants, and said he backed 
legislation that would cut off federal funds to cities that don't 
enforce U.S. immigration laws.

Speaking to a gathering of Fort Bend County, Texas, Republicans, 
DeLay said that if police rounded up illegals, the federal 
government would find places to house them.

In quotes picked up by the Houston Chronicle, the top Republican 
urged: "If you pick up 50 or 100 of them, you can call the 
National Guard."
As for housing, DeLay said: "Put them in tents."

He noted that until now, even the federal government has not 
rounded up illegal immigrants in U.S. cities, because federal 
agents had no place to detain them. The situation is changing, 
however, under the new leadership at the Department of Homeland 
Security, he said.

DeLay emphasized that he's a strong supporter of legal 
immigration. But he opposes educating illegal immigrants using 
U.S. tax dollars or having their U.S.-born children automatically 
become American citizens.

According to the Chronicle, he blasted Houston city officials for 
their lax attitude toward illegal immigration, saying, "It greatly 
concerns me that the police chief in Houston, Texas, has created a 
sanctuary in Houston by announcing that he is not going to enforce 
our laws."

DeLay said he supported legislation introduced by Rep. Tom 
Tancredo that would withhold federal funding from cities like 
Houston that ignore federal immigration regulations.

Other big-city governments, including New York City, that do not 
enforce immigration laws would presumably also be at risk to have 
federal subsidies yanked under the provision supported by DeLay.

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