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Like it or not, the demographics of the settlements can't be denied.

Israel's population is a manageable  80/20 Jew/Muslim(few percent Christian/other aside).   Israel's population has a 1.2% growth rate.

If they allow 8,500 settler to claim lands with a Muslim population of 1.3+ million (and a 3.8% growth) Israel's population will be nearly 60/40 and  growing rapidly toward 50/50 within 15 years or so..  

The threat that Jews will soon become a minority in their own  country is real

If the Arabs really wanted  to end the state of Israel, they should convince the Arabs living in the Strip to vote to join the State of Israel.    A generation from now Arab voters will be able to do more damage within Israel at the ballot box  than the last three generations have been able to do from outside Israel's border.


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> I can't wait to see what is done to him in the next election if he lasts 
> that long. 
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