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Mon Aug 22 08:58:27 MDT 2005

Air America – A Liberal Media Business Lesson report | STORY LINK

One thing is certain, when liberals, socialists or other assorted 
lefties attempt to enter the business world, they have a lot to 
learn. First, the whole idea of “capitalism” is evil to liberal / 
progressive / socialist / lefty / democrats. To them, capitalism 
is the great evil that is destroying the world. Never mind that 
radical liberal / socialist centralization of government power has 
butchered untold millions, well over 100 million, I digress. [FN1] 

So it was quite an interesting fanfare when the liberal media put 
on such an amazing show for the unveiling of “Air America.”  You 
would think that the liberal’s savior had been born! After all, 
Air America represented the antidote to Rush Limbaugh, Sean 
Hannity, the Fox News Network, and everything else that was wrong 
with the world from the liberal perspective.

The whole idea of trying to push a form of liberalism that the 
public has not interest in, on the national scene, required Air 
America to actually BUY airtime on various stations around the 
country.  Rather than using the normal business model of gaining 
popularity, and then getting stations to syndicate your program 
because it could sell more advertising and generate revenue, Air 
America adopted its silly socialist model.

When Air America did not have the money that it needed to actually 
run a business, it started short paying, or not paying various 
vendors. Station after station began to drop the ridiculous 
programs and the money dried up.

After the money dried up, Air America’s former Chairman, Evan 
Montvel Cohen, decided that taxpayer money was the liberal 
antidote to solve Air America’s problems. Like all typical 
liberals, he appears to believe that the end justifies the means. 
So using his other position with the Boys and Girls club, he 
decided that no poor inner city boys and girls really needed that 
money. The liberal machine needed that taxpayer money even more 
than the poor kids did so $875,000.00 was taken from the Boys and 
Girls Club CHARITY to be given to Air America.

What a testament to liberalism, anything goes, even if it means 
stealing from poor inner city kids. Anything goes as long as it is 
somehow funded by taxpayers.

And worst of all, where is the alphabet soup liberal media on this 
one? There’s not much from ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, PBS, or NPR about 
this liberal scandal defrauding poor inner city kids. You really 
have to wonder, do they actually agree that it’s okay to take 
money from poor inner city kids to support their liberal agenda? I 
almost forgot, we’re talking about the same networks with 
Hollywood style news studios that manufacture forged documents to 
advance their agenda (CBS), or rig truck gas tanks to explode to 
scare the public (NBC), or give free Hollywood movie time to 
Hillary Clinton’s presidential bid (ABC and “Commander in Chief”), 
or need we say more, CNN nicknamed as the Communist News Network? 
Lastly, I won’t even bother to go into PBS (the Putrid Bastion of 
Socialism) or NPR (the Network of the People’s Republic of liberal 

Is it any wonder that the liberal media machine is hemorrhaging 
audience and market share? Is it any wonder that liberal ideology, 
the stealing from the public to advance liberal causes, is 
collapsing in Democratic Party elections?

As the perverted liberal media machine continues to lose 
credibility and market share, their ability to manipulate public 
elections will collapse, and so will the socialists in American 
politics they support.

Help the liberal media propaganda machine collapse even faster. 
Become a media watchdog and expose the perverse liberal agenda in 
the alphabet soup networks at every opportunity you get. Tell 
people to just tune out all of these silly socialist networks and 
tune into the truth.  It is about time Americans were less 
influenced by the perverse leftist agenda of the alphabet soup 
media networks. The public is starting to see leftists in the 
media for what they really are, arrogant, government first 
socialists. Spread this story around the web. Find other sites and 
outlets that are covering it and get the word out. The longer the 
media hides this one, the more damage it will cause.

[FN1]  Communist Holocaust (Communists murdered many times that of 
Hitler); Gulag: Understanding the Magnitude of What Happened 
(Heritage Lecture #800); Communism's 100 Million Victims (However, 
this EXCLUDES Abortions)

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