The Top Reasons the New York Times has not Covered the Air America Scandal.

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Mon Aug 29 12:39:50 MDT 2005

From: Errol Phillips <ep at>

10. They were planning on running it as a correction on page 26. 

9. Big deal. The kids at the Boys and Girls Club would have spent the
money on drugs anyway. 

8. The story was pushed by right wing blogs. Couldn’t figure out if
coverage should come from the department reporters at Tech or at

7. NYT reporters got carried away singing songs at Camp Casey. 

6. Sincerely believed that Air America was that shoe by Michael Jordan. 

5. Staff too busy figuring out that darn crossword puzzle. 

4. Staffing is light due to gay honeymoons. 

3. Needed to make sure the story was valid - was waiting for it to be
covered by Air America. 

2. No information to dig up: attended AA meeting after AA meeting

     and the number one reason the New York Times hasn't written about
the Air America Scandal...

1. Couldn’t find a way to work in the words “illegal war” or “quagmire”

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I needed some levity.

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