Health hazards in New Orleans

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Some here have voiced disagreement in the past over the concept of mandatory evacuations.  I hope the looting and health problems convince a few more that staying behind shouldn't be a personal choice.  Four of the people we lost during Agnes(1972) died while evacuating  folks who refused to leave when they first should have .  There are a lot of rescue folks in harms way right now that are taking more risks than should have been necessary.


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> I've heard several news reports today that reminded me of something I 
> hadn't thought about. That water is all over New Orleans. That water 
> has innundated all sorts of facilities that held any chemical you can 
> think of. Also there is all the sewage, and all sorts of rotting 
> organic matter including all the people who have died. Remember the 
> rescue people have said they are in such a rush to get people out that 
> they have to push the dead out of the way. Also there are all the 
> mosquitos that will breed in that water and all the diseases they'll carry. 
> It's not just New Orleans. The affected area includes New Orleans, 
> Mobile, Alabama and everthing in between. 
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