My Thoughts On Looting

Richard A Whitenight rum.runner at JUNO.COM
Wed Aug 31 18:18:57 MDT 2005

Hurricane Katrina caused a severe change to the everyday living for
thousands of individuals on the Gulf Coast.  I can somewhat understand
looting for food and water, if none is available who are stranded on
Interstate Hwys, which are now islands.  But, those who loot to steal
32-inch TV's, those who loot someone's already flooded/evacuated home,
and those who enter the Casinos and steal the money from the machines;
these people are lower than dirt, they are scum bags, and should be shot
on sight, no questions asked.  There are organized gangs in New Orleans,
who are looting and carrying weapons to protect themselves.  These
individuals are also scum and should be shot on sight by the National
Guard, who are now patrolling the streets of New Orleans.  

Two photos were posted in the news; one of a white couple carrying food
in the water, and the caption read, "Man and woman who found bread and
food in a store," (or words to that effect), and a picture of a lone
black female carrying approximately the same items, and the caption read,
"woman looting a store," (or words to that effect).  Tell me there is no
racism <grin>!  It's difficult to be racist about New Orleans, when you
speak about a black individual who might be looting, when 80% of the
city's population is BLACK!  

Through all of these tragic events and loss of life, the rebuilding of
New Orleans and other hurricane ravaged towns, local economy will get a
boost with regards to the rebuilding efforts.  There will be thousands of
jobs for those who wish to help rebuild the Gulf Coast.  Colleges in
Texas are advising that they will take some of the students from campuses
affected by the storm, and thousands who were seeking shelter in the New
Orleans Dome, will now find shelter in the Astrodome in Houston, and
Reunion Arena in Dallas (Reunion officials having cleared their schedules
through December to make room for the refugees).


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