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   Republican/Conservatives Still don't understand Democrats like
Kerry, Kennedy and Michael Moore! In today's "New York Post"
Conservative columnist John Podheretz wrote that Kerry , Kennedy
and Michael Moore don't want the Iraqi elections to be a success
because that would mean Pres. Bush was Right. I think it is Much,
Much more than that. Kennedy, Kerry and Michael Moore are among
the most Far Left members/spokes persons for the Democrats.

   Kerry and Moore work very closely with the Communist Party USA
( CPUSA). was an off shoot of the Communist Party USA.
During the election campaign the  CPUSA listed on their
Links page and Proudly Endorsed their marches and statements. In
fact the "CPUSA" Home Page Openly avowed their "Anti-Bush/Pro
Kerry" stance. Their Ideals and talking points were like a Page
out of the Democratic Party's Home Page. The CPUSA worked as an
extension of John Kerry's campaign. Staffers from Kerry's campaign
moved freely back and forth from Kerry's campaign to
(which by the way is a known Communist Front Group).

   Michael Moore's home page lists the "CPUSA" URL as a Link to go
to. Moore as you all know was a Big Kerry Booster. Let's not
forget that Foreign born Hungarian Socialist George Soros who was
Kerry's Money Man. Kerry and the Democrats never disavowed the
support of, George Soros Or the CPUSA. Saddam Hussein,
as you know, came from the Socialist Baathist Party.

Still Think the only reason Kerry/Moore and Other Far left
Democrats want the Iraqi elections to fail is their Hatred of
Pres. Bush? Or is their Another agenda they are pursuing?

Exposing the Democrats

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