forced prostitution in Germany

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Tue Feb 1 16:55:09 MST 2005

Well, this sure puts an interesting wrinkle in the idea of  legalized prostitution.  I'm not crazy about the forced prostitution part, but the forced employment part is on the money.   I'm tired of seeing pages of job ads in the paper each day while thousands of unemployed collect my tax dollars because they won't work menial jobs like I did when I needed $.

If this scares her into getting a real job then it may just be a good thing.


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> Today I saw something on the Drudge Report. It was an article in the
> Daily Telegraph about a 25 year old woman in Germany who is unemployed.
> She signed up for unemployment benefits and got a call from the
> unemployment office telling her someone was interested in hiring her. She
> called the number and found out that the job offer was at a brothel. She
> refused the offer of employment from the bordello and the unemployment
> people told her she can loose her unemployment benefits if she refuses a
> job offer.
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