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The left is worth nothing
Dennis Prager
February 1, 2005

"Someone who does not know the difference between good and evil is
worth nothing." -- Miecyslaw Kasprzyk, Polish rescuer of Jews
during the Holocaust, New York Times, Jan. 30, 2005.

It took a Polish rescuer of Jews in the Holocaust, cited this week
60 years after the liberation of the Auschwitz concentration and
death camp, to best describe those people who cannot or refuse to
know the difference between good and evil. They are "worth

Since I was an adolescent, I have been preoccupied with evil:
specifically, why people engage in it and why other people refuse
to acknowledge its existence. As I have gotten older, I often find
the latter group more infuriating. Somehow, as much as I don't
want to, I can understand why a Muslim raised in a world permeated
with hate-filled lies about America and Israel, and taught from
childhood that God loves death, will blow himself up and joyfully
maim and murder children. As evil as the Muslim terrorist is,
given the Islamic world in which he was raised, he has some

But the non-Muslims who fail to acknowledge and confront the evil
of Muslim terror and the evil of those monsters who cut innocent
people's throats and murder those trying to make a democracy --
these people are truly worth nothing. Unlike the Muslims raised in
a religious totalitarian society, they have no excuse. And in my
lifetime, these people have overwhelmingly congregated on the
political Left.

Since the 1960s, with few exceptions, on the greatest questions of
good and evil, the Left has either been neutral toward or actively
supported evil. The Left could not identify communism as evil; has
been neutral toward or actually supported the anti-democratic
pro-terrorist Palestinians against the liberal democracy called
Israel; and has found it impossible to support the war for
democracy and against an Arab/Muslim enemy in Iraq as evil as any
fascist the Left ever claimed to hate.

There were intellectually and morally honest arguments against
going to war in Iraq. But once the war began, a moral person could
not oppose it. No moral person could hope for, let alone act on
behalf of, a victory for the Arab/Islamic fascists. Just ask
yourself but two questions: If America wins, will there be an
increase or decrease in goodness in Iraq and in the world? And
then ask what would happen if the Al Qaeda/Zarqawi/Baathists win.
It brings me no pleasure to describe opponents of the Iraqi war as
"worth nothing." I know otherwise fine, decent people who oppose
the war. So I sincerely apologize for the insult.

But to the Left in general, as opposed to individually good people
who side with the Left, I have no apologies. It is the Left -- in
America, in Europe and around the world -- that should do all the
apologizing: to the men, women and children of Iraq and elsewhere
for not coming to their support against those who would crush

That most Democratic Party leaders, union leaders, gay leaders,
feminists, professors, editorial writers and news reporters have
called for an American withdrawal and labeled this most moral of
wars "immoral" is a permanent stain on their reputations.

About 60 percent of the Iraqi people went to vote despite the fact
that every Iraqi voter risked his or her life and the lives of
their children, whose throats the Islamic fascists threatened to
slit. Yet, the Left continues to label the war for Iraqi democracy
"immoral" while praising the tyrant of Cuba.

Leftists do so for the same reason they admired Ho Chi Minh and
Mao Tse-tung and condemned American arms as the greatest threat to
world peace during and after the Cold War. The Left "does not know
the difference between good and evil." And that is why it is worth

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