Barbie and Elmo

Jim jnantz2 at 216-19-216-108.GETNET.NET
Wed Feb 2 21:37:43 MST 2005

I first heard it was a hoax last night on the local news.  A guy who works
at a store that sells these action figures said he knew it was a hoax as
soon as he saw the picture.

Perhaps this is a good sign.  After all one has to think they would rather
have kidnapped a real soldier instead of faking it with a doll.

In 08 vote for a crook you can trust.
Del Boy for President.

On Wed, 2 Feb 2005, Dennis Putnam wrote:

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> At 12:26 PM 2/2/2005, you wrote:
> >Today Moslem terrorists in Iraq decided that if their demands aren't met
> >the next hostage they'll take will be a Barbie doll.  If that doesn't
> >work they'll kidnap a tickle me Elmo doll.
> Uh, oh! Does that mean they already did in GI Joe?
> The funny part is how easily the mainstream media was duped.
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