Top Ten Ways George W. Bush Celebrated His Re-election

Carl cwsiv_2nd at HOTPOP.COM
Wed Feb 2 21:15:33 MST 2005

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10. Eliminated tax cut for 55 million Americans who voted for

9. Went trippin' on a handful of Cheney's heart pills.

8. Thanked voters from all 59 states.

7. Splurged on the endless shrimp special at Red Lobster.

6. Pretended not to notice his father's envious weeping.

5. Dug out tapes of some of his favorite Texas executions.

4. You know, the usual -- watching wrasslin' and eating yodels.

3. Immediately started planning his 2008 re-election bid.

2. Told prison guards to give Saddam an extra tasering.

1. Asked for Laura's help with a very different bulge under his

    # Tonight (Friday) on the Late Show: Al Franken. He should be
really angry about the election results. And David Letterman will
be making a rare media appearance Monday morning on Live with
Regis and Kelly.

-- Brent Baker

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