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If this guy lived here the DemocRATS would get him a crazy check and
registered to vote.



Feb 4 2005

Garage ban for maniac

By Kevin Donald

A MAN has been banned from garages - for sneaking on to forecourts to
drink petrol.

Brian Taylor, 36, has been branded a four-star pest for slashing hoses to
get at the fuel and terrorising staff and shoppers.

He was pictured on security cameras pouring a drink of unleaded before
doing a maniacal dance while high on fumes.

Taylor, who doesn't drive, has been issued with an anti-social behaviour
order banning him from all garages in Teesside.

The ASBO means he can't even get a carry-out - as the order forbids him
having a petrol can in a public place.

Taylor, of South Bank, Middlesbrough, was warned that if his behaviour
doesn't stop he will go to jail.

Teesside magistrates heard that on 51 occasions he terrorised staff and
shoppers after drinking and sniffing petrol at the filling station at
Asda's South Bank store.

On several occasions, he was aggressive when they tried to stop him.

Security footage taken in the early hours one day in July last year showed
him dancing wildly around pumps while worried staff watched from their

He was caught filling containers day and night after making holes in the

He usually went for unleaded but was happy with four star and diesel,
police said.

Sergeant Bryan Tams, of Cleveland police, said Taylor's actions were a
danger to himself and the public.

He said: 'People have turned up at the station, not knowing the pipe's
been cut.

'When they have tried to put petrol into their car they have been sprayed
all over with petrol, which is very dangerous.

'I've heard reports of meetings called to control his behaviour when he
turned up stinking of petrol. The fumes have been so bad he's been asked
to leave the building.'

It is thought his actions have cost Asda more than 3000 in damage and lost

Taylor denies drinking petrol - but admits he loves to sniff it.

Footage showed him filling an empty fizzy drink bottle with fuel, lifting
it to his lips and putting back his head. He claims he was just inhaling
the fumes.

Sgt Tams said: 'He laughs at the idea he'd drink it. He says, 'I'm daft
but not that daft.' Police say they are trying to get help for Taylor to
battle his addiction.

Petrol is a mixture of volatile toxic hydrocarbons, which are quickly
absorbed through the stomach and lungs and act as a depressant, similar to

Sniffing or drinking the chemical gives an instant high - but it may
contribute to brain damage and harm the central nervous system and major

In 08 vote for a crook you can trust.
Del Boy for President.

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