The only thing good...

Rob H. robh at BRESNAN.NET
Sun Feb 6 23:39:58 MST 2005

Ya, even though I don't like the thought of the Pats winning yet another
superbowl within the last four years, I must admit, the entertainment
this year was much more of that than last year.

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Excuse me for a moment while I look through my Beatles collection for a
song to play for the Eagles.  Just a minute.  I know I have it here
somehwere.  Oh here it is.  For all you Eagles fans I will play "I'm a
looser" from the Beatles.

Hahahahahahahahahahaha  The patriots won.  Hahahahahahahahahaha

In 08 vote for a crook you can trust.
Del Boy for President.

On Sun, 6 Feb 2005, Rob H. wrote:

> With the likes of John Kerry, Ted Kennedy and the Patriots, the only
> thing good to come out of New England is clam chowder.

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