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Good thing the state of PA didn't know that I was only 12 when I first started working on roofs during summer break. (grandfather was a general contractor).   The job kept me too busy and tired to get into the normal kid trouble,  allowed me to save for my first car,  made me quit unpaid football practice (more dangerous than work), and motivated me to get my academics back on track for college, because I sure as hell didn't want to do hard labor  for  the next 50 years like my 62 year old grandfather was still doing.

That childhood job was probably the best thing that could have happened to me.


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> By Ron Strom
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> A Washington state family is about to lose their home after the
> Department of Labor and Industries hit the father with thousands
> of dollars in fines for having his underage sons work alongside
> him in the family business-doing things the state believes are
> dangerous for young boys.
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