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I actually got the same basic thing that she had more of an issue with HOW they were spent than say any constitutional issue...BUT  still found it interesting that the left would point to taxes at all!  Seems like HOW it is spent IS budgeting, not "taxes",,,

Slip of the tongue?  ? ? :-)

Charlie Darling
-- John <blueoval at 1SMARTISP.NET> wrote:
Quite frankly, I got that she doesn't want to pay taxes in America
anymore - *NOT* because of the certain level of taxation, but that
she doesn't agree with how her tax money is being spent by this
Administration. She needs to learn that all spending
appropriations begin in the House and that's constitutional law at
work. The Bush Administration doesn't control spending. The House

Anybody else see things differently here?

John Q.

On Tue Feb 08 19:48:40 PST 2005, "csd_1212 at juno.com"
<csd_1212 at JUNO.COM> wrote:

> So here it is - Note that at the end she says it's TAXES ! ! !
> Are the libs starting to let the truth Slip Out ? ? ? ?
> ---------- Forwarded Message ----------
> From an article on people emigrating to Canada after Bush won
> (2004)
> "...Melanie Redman, 30, assistant director of the Epilepsy
> Foundation in Seattle, said she had put her Volvo up for sale and
> hopes to be living in Toronto by the summer. She and her Canadian
> boyfriend, a Web site designer for Canadian nonprofit companies,
> had been planning to move to New York, but after Nov.2, they
> decided on Canada instead.
> "I'm doing it," she said. "I don't want to participate in what
> this
> administration is doing here and around the world. Under Bush,
> the U.S.
> seems to be leading the pack as the world spirals down."
> Redman intends to apply for a conjugal visa, which can be easier
> to get than the skilled worker visa that most Americans require.
> To do so, she must prove she and her boyfriend have had a
> relationship for at least a year, so she has collected supporting
> paperwork, like love letters, to present to the Canadian
> government.
> "I'm originally from a poor, lead-mining town in Missouri, and I
> know a lot of the people there don't understand why I'm doing
> this," she said. "Even my family is pretty disappointed. And the
> fact is, it makes me pretty sad, too.  But I just can't bear to
> pay taxes in the United States right now."..."

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