The Brilliance of Don Feder

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Fri Feb 11 05:22:26 MST 2005

    There is much to agree with in this interesting article by Feder,
which is easily a worry list about American involvement in Iraq and
elsewhere.  Feder helps to sort  out  some of these concerns, but it
seems to me, in spite of his belief that we are in the midst of a world
war against a foe which is every bit as toxic as fascism or communism,"
he fails to see long term American global interest  from a long term
conservative perspective.  In 1776 the nexus between our liberty and the
liberties in other lands may not have been so evident.  But today that
link is compelling, and Bush has got it right.

    Conservatives may have reservations about exporting democracy.
However, when one considers that the main threats to US security are
found in countries run by dictators, autocrats and monolithic elites,
American intervention, in a timely, effective way,  makes more sense.
Our homeland security depends on two things:  safety from attack and
access to resources we require to sustain our way of life.  Much of the
current administration's foreign policy can be justified on either or
both of those imperatives, certainly one or both of  these concepts
apply to Afghanistan and Iraq.  It is justifiable to have intervened in
those countries and to replace autocracies with democratic political
systems that are more conducive to our safety at home and peace abroad;
it is justifiable in these cases to replace outmoded political systems
with more democratic ones that are sustainable and more compatible with
our own.   This is an enlightened policy that furthers the long term
interests of the US.  Over time it is probable we will have more friends
among friendly people of good will than  among tyrants in Iraq, North
Korea or elsewhere.  There is more work to be done.  Autocrats that
bluster in the "axis of evil" can take notice.

    The Bush doctrine does not intervene capriciously.  Its purpose is
in harmony with our American traditions of freedoms and our enlightened
self-interest.  We cannot fight all battles at once.  Nor should we.  We
can work patiently and at the time and place of our choice to secure the
interests of the US

    Interventions in Kosovo and Haiti are certainly more questionable.
No resources were secured, and no allies were gained.  These
interventions are less likely to bring a benefit to the US.  Liberals
do not have the American economic system straight,  and they do not have
American values straight, and that is why, though they rant and rave (a
la Dean and Kennedy), they cannot be trusted with the control of
American power.


John wrote:

> Free Congress Foundation's Notable News Now
> February 10, 2005
> The Free Congress Commentary: Does Our Security Require An
> International Crusade For Democracy?
> By Don Feder
> (remarks delivered at Carlton College Feb. 4, 2005)


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